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AAARRRGGHH!!! Shit fuck crap hell damn!

I have my cadetship-scholarship interview tomorrow morning and then I've gotta go straight onto a bar course afterwards. I've gotta take a 50 minute questionnaire, a current affairs test and write a short piece of well...writing. :P


His noodely appendage.

His noodely appendage has touched a cake in my fridge.

I feel blessed. Thank you al-meaty flying spaghetti monster!




WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my God.....it was so amazing! I need a second one! And money too.....I'm going broke from all the money I spent.

Anywho.....pics are as follows.

Me, Joker and Hope

Catgirl and I at the hotel

Me, Sailor Moon and Beau

KISS and I...never a more holier moment

My most awesome photo I can't find

Done done. Hope it all worked for you. :D



Boo yeah!

I got the Catgirl to cosplay....

That's going to be Saturday the 5th's outfit...
Then I'm going as evil Seras Victoria from Hellsing....the part from v.7 and Pip. ; )

I'm having heaps of trouble with the arm.

Wish us luck! :D


So...I wonder if Bond Univerity knows that New Zealanders have a day titled 'J-Day' (dunno why) where they can legally smoke pot in a section of their nearest park? I dunno...the Greens made it legal for that day alone. **mindboggles**

Anywho, the real point of my post. I went to some journalism day thing at Bond Uni and it was surprisingly good.....then worse...then excellent.

1. Good: I got to show up a shitload of students who didn't even know how to proof-read an article.
2. Worse:  My grandpa showed up. (He's the editor of the TXT4U section of the GC Bulletin).....but then he gave me money for a drink and food so it got a bit better.
3. Excellent: We went into the film/recording studio part of the Uni and......Dad.......you'd be jealous to no end. It was beautiful. I worked the auto-cue and the mikes......damn people kept switching over the mikes....

And a little extra bit........people seriously think I'm 20 on......I went to see G'pa in the pokies of a hotel type place that's just opened up....no one checks ID or anything....And one guy thanked me for playing when I left. XD



Does anyone believe this drivel?

Okay, major damper on the mood.
Just reading up on all my different webbys and came across this lovely little piece of info...
(You'll need to read in order to understand what I'm saying) 

Lookie here...

Seriously, where do these people get off? I don't think they've even studied Paganism before. If they did, they would know that many don't believe in the concept of Satan or the Devil and that it is a Judeao-Christian motive for the dissmissal of Paganism, one of the ancient religions.

I want to know what these ever-righteous beings would do if their son/daughter was interested in Paganism...According to Catholic belief, once a priest - your family should be righteous then or something like that...I bet that would twist their tiny little minds into different dimensions.

This is disgusting. Also, as a resident of Queensland and a Pagan, I am deeply insulted by this piece of drivel. (No, I'm not taking it out on ReligionNewsBlog...I'm taking it out on the priests that enforce this horrific notion of exorcism) Not only has exorcism been proven dangerous, but there are several murder and manslaughter cases pending regarding the subject. And they have the gall to geet up and say that a nature-based religion is to blame.

In my position, someone needs a few good whacks around the head and learn to read a book (other than the bloody Bible) or look on the web as to what Paganism is really about. And not all Satanists believe in Satan as a God...more a guidance and they see themselves as becoming a God or guide when they die.

I'm sick of people coming out with all these religious titles, whether that be a fucking priest or even an immam (Or however the fuck you spell it) and claiming that people that aren't following their way are pieces are shit (paraphrased of course). Remember the Mufti who claimed that all Gold Coast women were "pieces of meat" just because they wear miniskirts and strapless tops and the like? Does anyone know how fucking hot it gets up here?

I hate it when these ever-righteous people come out claiming their religion as the chosen way...hell...if it were up to me, I'd just make them follow the fucking Cult of the Spaghetti Monster. At least we'd get a laugh out of it. Not these constant arguments between religions taking swipes at the opopositions' backs. Don't bring innocent people into your wars. 

Just like the Catholics and the Protestants. Damnit....don't people ever get over things in time? Australia has just formally apologised to the Aboriginal population of Australia for the incidents regarding the Stolen Generation. Why can't people just learn to see the lighter side of things like actually living in happiness and not stabbing at the others?

Seriously, the world would be such a better, much more harmonious place if we all paid attention to what was actually happening around us. The Presidential Election in the US? The refugees and asylum seekers? (Especially their treatment in Aus.) Political debates? Global warming? Third World countries?

Do these holy beings just forget about the less fortunate than them so they can poke holes in the other team?

And people wonder why I have bad moods.

Would'ya have a look at that?

Hey hey my homies! Long time no..............read my journal! XD

So.....back at school....finally in Year 12. It feels great (also 'cause I know I'm going to Japan next year sometime :P)!

I'm in the 4th week of T1 and I'm already handing in drafts and assignments.....and pulling my hair out. (Btw, its platinum blonde)...Peroxide attacked it for 2 hours.....(I didn't feel a thing...........................>_>)

Bloody English always being on the days that excursions are on...
Damn workload from Modern History...
Math B and Math C are becoming one then two then one then two subjects......**mind boggles**
Drama is awesome......Ms. Brazeau is such an awesome teacher...and funny too.
Art is......art. I'm putting Drama into Art this year so it'll be easier to do the two.

And that's all my subjects.........and the gist of what's happening.
Also, BEAU AND I'VE BEEN DATING FOR OVER A YEAR!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I love him~~~~~ (Lucky ******* got a job at Dracula's [non-Aussies will have no idea what I mean])

And I also forgot to mention that I work at Novo Shoes AND MNG (Mango from Spain)......and they pay VERY shit-ily... I'm taking them to Consumer Affairs or whatever as soon as I quit. My manager told me too. XD

So....leave me love and questions and hopefully I'll remember to post more. 
Love love.


Yo my homedogs!

How's it been?!?!?! I've missed you all. Yeah....you might have guessed that my net died on me...again. That Islamic net connection just loves suicide bombing the Jewish computer.

(In case you didn't know, its a reference to a religious war aspect thingmy) (Its a joke).

Well....Beau and I have been dating for over 10 months now, I'm finally going to be in Yr. 12 and all my friends have graduated and left me behind...all alone. Alone to mope.

My Midsummer ritual is coming up next Saturday and **sings** I don't have to work. That'll be good. (Oh.....I started work at Novo Shoes at Pacific Fair) and Xmas will ring the moolah back. And....my birthday may be joined with the Lammas ritual that the Earthwyrm coven is holding up here. I've been talking with the High Priestess about joining as I will have been studying Wicca for a year and a day on the 12th of July.

Yeah...so...that's me. Message me back or email me or something. I need to fix my boredom. It keeps creeping up on me.

Love to you all,


So...I'm trying.

Yes...trying. Suceeding is another thing.
What I'm trying to do is download Photoshop Elements (the only one I can find).

Why? No, it is not just on a whim.

I feel like copping out on my art this term so I'm going to create a piece using digital manipulation. Yes, the teacher is a bitch. Yes, she deserves to go back to middle school. But...I...need to do something. So a little scenario began to play out in my head.

Voice in my head (VimH): Why not cop out?
Me: How so?
VimH: Well...she said we have to do some sort of printing right?
Me: Yes....lino printing, screen printing...etc...
VimH: Ahh....but what about printing from a computer? You're still controlling how the ink goes on the paper. You press the 'print' button. You do the math.
Me: But I'm better at drawing and the like.
VimH: But with this, you can (a) listen to your iPod while doing art...(b) have an excuse if you're not finished. Eg: The computer drive is down Miss...(c) You can just take pics...(d) Don't have to worry about getting paint on your clothes...(e) You don't actually have to be part of it...(f) You can 'compliment' others by wanting their picture for the artwork but keep to yourself that you will actually airbrush it all. :DDDDD
Me: Well...when you put it that way. I'm in!
VimH: Excellent. **Mr. Burns' finger thingmy**

~~~~~~~~End convo~~~~~~~~~~~~

What I'm actually doing is showing history's perception of beauty/perception eg....Chinese binding of the feet, African neck stretching, Corsets, big boobs, burlesque-ness, elegance, Marilyn Monroe....etc...

I'll make sure to post the picture when I'm done making it. It'll be quite cool. I'm taking tonnes of pictures of people and photoshopping it together. There will be (people you may or my not know) Kassie, Jenna, Steff, Beau.......And probably someone's face that I want to make-up. :DD

I'm off to go have fun. Tata all.

Oh...and a Happy Halloween for Wednesday, a Merry Beltaine and a Merry Samhain to those in the Northern Hemisphere. :DD

I know I celebrated Beltaine. **winks**

P.S....Beau and I have been dating for 9 months on Saturday the 3rd of November. :D.


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Well....Merry Ostara to you all!

And Happy Holidays to all those finally off school. **punches air in victory**

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I've been busy with school.

I can't write for long 'cause I'm on my sister's laptop. But I wanted to let all my fans/stalkers (XD) know that I'm heading off to Townsville on Saturday and coming back on Thursday. I'm going to go visit my Uncle and Aunt and their kids.


Anywho....tata to you all.


(And....I have frickin' bronchitis....:( )